• (a) The general objects of the Zoram Energy Development Agency is to promote, implement develop and diffuse useful knowledge in the various fields of conventional and non-conventional energy, and in particular to assist Govt. of Mizoram and Govt. of India in the effort to develop and promote non-conventional, renewable and alternate energy sources and technologies, evolve and  promote energy conservation measures, develop the area of energy management as an input to an appropriate environmental policy, and generally to deal with problems arising from rapid depletion of conventional sources of energy and evolved suitable alternatives.



  • b) The major objectives of the Zoram Energy Development Agency would be:-


  • (i) to undertake remunerative, profit orienting and fund generating project and programme to raise finances for attaining the objects of the Agency.


  • (ii) to actively promote the use and propagation of new and renewable non conventional energy sources in Mizoram acting as the Nodal Agency for the purpose and implementation of projects.


  • (iii) To promote energy conservation activities in respect of conventional energy sources like oil and power.


(iv)To encourage Research and Development in respect of high technology areas in regard to energy, and


  • (v) To undertake projects relating to Integrated Rural Energy Programmes in Mizoram.